(Audio) Listen to Me Read from My Chaucer Translation at the Stephen Spender Prize Reception

by Mark McGuinness on 20 July, 2018

I just noticed that the Stephen Spender Trust has added an audio recording to their website, of me reading from my Chaucer translation at the London reception for the 2016 Stephen Spender Prize.

Click here to read the text, and here to listen to me read my translation of the opening stanzas of Troilus and Criseyde, which was awarded Third Prize that year. Happy memories.

FYI I’ve now finished translating the whole of Book 1 of Troilus – 1,092 lines of rime royal. It’s been terrific fun, and has given my metrical muscles a good workout.

So far Troilus has seen Criseyde for the first time, been thunderstruck with love, and – in traditional male fashion – has done a lot of moping in his bedroom, followed by plenty of complaining to his best friend. But things are afoot, as Pandarus assures Troilus he has a cunning plan…

…Only another four books to go.

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